>> start date August-September, 2019

The Gaudet Lab is hiring a technician! The successful candidate will have these qualifications:

1. Reliable and honest;
2. Interested in, and curious about our work;
3. Previous experience and demonstrated interested in neuroscience or related fields;
4. Patience and resilience when troubleshooting new techniques;
5. Ability to think critically; and
6. Works well alone and with others.

The successful candidate will be instrumental in enabling the success of the lab. In turn, the Gaudet Lab will offer a strong, supportive environment for working and learning.

The Gaudet lab aims to reveal links between molecular, cellular, and behavioral changes elicited during damage to the nervous system. We are a vibrant, small, and driven team that works at the brand-new Dell Medical School – near both UT campus and downtown Austin.

The position will last for at least a year. Employment beyond one year will be based on performance and funding levels.

The technician will assist with ongoing projects in the lab, and help set up new aspects of the lab. Organizational and social skills will be required, as will skills related to biological techniques. Individuals with previous technician experience will be preferred.

The technician will work closely with Andrew Gaudet, Assistant Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Neurology.

Bachelor’s in Neuroscience, Psychology, Biology, or related field.
Previous work (or volunteer) experience in a laboratory.
Interest in studying biology of the nervous system.
Ability/interest in using rodent models (mice/rats).
Reliable and organized; methodical.
Strong communicator; social.
Driven to contribute to a developing team.
Interested and able to learn new techniques.
Can work independently or in a team.

Previous experience as a research technician.
Experience handling mice.
Experience with 1+ of these techniques: cell culture; histology; PCR; Western blot; animal surgery/handling; sectioning using a cryostat; microscopy.

Coordinate Lab Operations

Order supplies
Organize computer files and physical lab space
Coordinate and help teach/organize personnel
Ensure lab stays up-to-date with Health and Safety, paperwork, ordering, etc.

Assist with Laboratory Techniques
Run experiments
Help with molecular and cellular techniques
Assist with small animal surgery and care
Help maintain tidiness and cleanliness
Some minor flexibility with hours when necessary

Interested? Please apply here.